Common Juvenile Crimes

Cases of young people finding themselves on the wrong side of the law are quite common. Young people commit all manner of crimes, some of which might be more serious than those committed by adults. But the fact that a young kid is not held up to the same standard as an adult offender, the nature of these cases might be somewhat different. You are advised to enlist the services of a juvenile lawyer if your kid is facing a juvenile conviction. This will help you to learn more about the rights and find their way through the juvenile legal template


One of the most common juvenile cases is stealing, also known as larceny. Kids are fond of stealing from their peers and retail stores. In most cases, they target items that are easily disposable or inexpensive. These cases often go unreported, but failing to report usually ends up preparing the adolescent for more significant thefts. In such a case, any responsible citizen should report any incidence of larceny to prevent future consequences.


Most people get into unexplained fights while in their teenage years. These fights might be reported at school or on the streets. Some cases of assault might also be part of more significant crime which might involve stealing. Some candidates for assault cases are bullies of at school who might be subject their victims to emotional and physical abuse. As much these offenders should be brought to justice to as a way of curbing this social vice, they also need some help.

Illegal Purchase

There is a tendency among small kids to try to engage in some dangerous habits which might involve things such as buying stolen items or buying drugs. At times, these crimes might also involve some older adults who aid them buy these illegal items. Young kids are at time vulnerable to gangs who use them in the distribution of the drugs.

Drug Abuse

Besides the distribution and sale of drugs, the cases of teens involved in drug abuse are quite common. In some cases, they might also be arrested for drug abuse-related offenses such as disorderly conduct and DUI. Most states have strict laws against drug abuse in teens, which could see a simple act of taking some alcohol might land them in hammer

Most of these juvenile crimes are classified as misdemeanors. Some juveniles, however, can commit serious felonies. Besides seeking justice, the main objective in the juvenile justice system is to rehabilitate the offender irrespective of the gravity crime.