Child custody


Children should not be affected if a marriage ends. Their lives must go on. As parents, you must cooperate and decide who will be in custody of the children either through an agreement or the court. After the custodial is identified, the other party must be willing to send child support as agreed. If you are in the process of getting a divorce, below are important things you must know about child support.

Things you should know about child support

The need of a child support lawyer

babyDivorce comes with a lot of stress. To take care of your family dirty secrets, it is advisable that you work with a trusted lawyer. You and your spouse should have lawyers. Each of you should talk to their lawyers and agree on the amount they are comfortable with. At times spouses never agree, it is in such cases that you will have to take matters to court. During the court hearings, let the lawyer talk on your behalf to make sure that the court does not rule on you paying more than you can afford.

Pay the agreed amount

Note that you must pay the amount you agreed at the right time. If you fail to pay your child support, you might be faced with court penalties. If you do not pay the amount continuously, you are risking being jailed. If the court finds out that you had the money and decided not to pay, the court has the right to take money directly from your bank. To avoid all the consequences above, pay your child support just as agreed.

Payments might fluctuate

Depending on your situation, the payment terms might change. You do not have to pay the amount every month for the rest of your life. If you are not doing well financially or you lost your job, the court can rule that you pay a lesser amount. If the parent in custody of the children loses their job, you might be required to pay more.

Keep track of your payments

coinSometimes your ex-spouse might decide to mess you up. Even if you are religiously making your child support payments, they might go to court and report that you have not been making payments. Just to be safe, keep all documents related to payments safe. The documents might include bank slips, receipts or any other document you used. Remain in touch with your lawyer at all times in case of anything.