Tips for choosing a family law attorney


Family law is quite distinct from other areas of law based on the fact that it is private and affects personal lives of the litigants. Commercial law, property law, Civil law and criminal law are differentiated from Family law because they are litigated publically without adherence to basic moral principles. A family lawyer must exude the highest level of confidentiality that is beyond reproach. Family law entails matters to do with civil unions, marriages, succession, alimony, divorce, surrogacy, child custody arrangement, paternity testing child support and adoption among others. The matrimonial and succession laws of a country govern the dynamics of family law in any given jurisdiction. Therefore the attorney must be conversant with such laws and ensure zealous representation for the benefit of his client.


All factors considered, picking a family lawyer is a momentous task, and therefore you should be mindful of various principles that will determine their suitability. The underlying dynamics considered are listed as follows;

Understand your needs

If the matter in contention is a divorce case, you will have to understand the technicalities of the process. You must comprehend the processes to be followed in contentious and non-contentious divorce matters. Once you have a clear understanding of your issues and the solutions, it will be able to easy to pick a suitable attorney for your case. The components of a case will determine a preference in the gender, age and the specialty of a lawyer. An informed choice will influence the effectiveness, reliability and your trust in the lawyer.


olderIt is probable that your family members or friends have contracted the services of family lawyers in the past. Therefore these class of people would be the obvious point of reference in determining the best leads. You don’t have to disclose the finer details of your case. You should be able to filter information when seeking recommendations in order to maintain privacy. Thereafter, you can make a list of recommendations and schedule consultative meetings.

Availability and reliability

The reliability of an attorney is heavily dependent on whether he is able to make time and scrutinize your case. If the attorney is too busy to meet with you regularly or as agreed then it is feasible to conclude that his unavailability will be of detriment to the success of your case. A good lawyer must be able to make time off his busy schedule to meet and pursue your case zealously.