David Segal

The Campaign:

Public education, wages, affordable housing, and the economic well being of our children continue to languish with the City Council under the control of its current membership. It’s time to vote yourself a seat at the table. David Segal, a Providence educator, wants to make sure your voice is not left out of the debate. With Providence’s child poverty rate the third-highest in the nation, a public education system that is failing Fox Point and College Hill, and politicians unable to pass a living wage, the City Council Democrats are leaving too many of Ward One’s residents behind. David Segal, Green Party candidate for Ward One City Council, will work to make sure that all citizens of Providence benefit from the city’s Renaissance.

About the Candidate:

David Segal is an educator at the Wheeler School on Providence’s East Side. A magna cum laude graduate of Columbia University, he studied mathematics and liberal arts. During his residency in New York he worked as the state Youth Director for John McCain’s campaign for reform. His experience working at ABC’s Nightline, ABC News, PBS, and the Capitol Hill newspaper, The Hill, have given him an intimate knowledge of policy issues. A firm believer in citizen participation, David, through his tenure as Executive Board Member of the Columbia Political Union, has worked on voter registration drives and organized debates and major public speaking engagements. David has also been a columnist for the Columbia Daily Spectator and currently manages the Third Party Watch of zmag.org.

About Ward One and the Providence City Council:

Ward One includes all of Fox Point and much of College Hill, containing most of Brown University and the Rhode Island School of Design. The ward is bordered by Angell Street to the north, India Point Park to the south, the Providence River to the west and the Seekonk River to the east. It was represented by Democrat Robert Clarkin until he resigned recently, leaving it vacant until a new member is chosen in November. There are 15 seats on the City Council; all 14 currently-occupied seats are held by Democrats.

A Green can win in Ward One

It’s to your advantage to register in Rhode Island